I say that it’s over and almost believe it
Our once perfect picture is ripped into pieces
Lost myself somwhere in usnever seem to be enough
I’m better of alone i can’t leave if I can’t let go

It’s over, it’s busted We’re nowhere, it’s useless
believe me, I know this so why can’t I just walk away
It’s time that I let you know, ready now here I go,
it’s over, it’s busted I love you, it’s useless.

I’ve got only questions, and non of the answers,
what happened to happy, and our ever after,
when I’m getting to goodbye, is when you look me in my eyes, and we’re back to hallo, but I can’t leave if I can’t let go

So useless, I keep trying to make some sense of it, I keep trying to understand,why you always make a mess of it, here you go again
Inside I know that we’re through, so why am I here staring at you, you push away you pull me close, but I can’t leave if I can’t let go