Experience dazzling, ice-covered landscapes that have long captured the imagination of explorers on a polar expedition aboard the state-of-the-art National Geographic Explorer. Traveling with a world-class team of experts and naturalists, use a range of exploration tools to experience wildlife and wild places up close. Kayak amid the incandescent icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula, stroll through immense crowds of penguins in South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, or search for majestic polar bears among the ice floes of Svalbard, and connect with wilderness in its truest form. – See more at:

Alaska by Sea Kayak: Whales, Bears, and Ice


Take to the sea in a kayak in one of the wildest places on Earth. Along Alaska’s southeastern coast, little is accessible by road. Glaciers tumble down from high mountain slopes, scattering icebergs across inlets and bays. Ferns and moss carpet the floor of the ancient Tongass Forest, and waters rich with salmon and nutrients lure wildlife of every sort, from humpback whales and sea otters to brown bears. Exploring from the intimate perspective of your kayak, encounter the forests and shores of beautiful Chichagof Island close up. Venture far into Glacier Bay and spend three days paddling through this otherworldly wilderness of ice and mountains. – See more at:

The Northwest Passage, Iceland, and Greenland


For centuries the search for the Northwest Passage lured the most intrepid explorers, but it wasn’t until 1906 that Roald Amundsen finally completed the first sea voyage across the Arctic Archipelago. Aboard the ice-class National Geographic Explorer, discover the otherworldly icescapes of the Northwest Passage that so confounded generations of adventurers. Explore dramatic coasts of Iceland and Greenland and then spend ten days encountering rare wildlife, hardy cultures, and glorious creations of ice and rock at the end of the Earth. – See more at:

Iceland Adventure


Iceland is a land sculpted by lava and ice, where geysers burst and glaciers gleam and emerald valleys stretch all the way to the ocean. On an exhilarating journey, encounter this wonderland of geological extremes close up. Experience the mighty forces still shaping the landscape as you explore the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Thingvellir National Park. Hike up Reynisfjall mountain, one of the most beautiful coastal walks in southern Iceland. Trek across crackling glacial ice, float among blue icebergs in a spectacular glacial lake, and soak in turquoise thermal pools. Then discover the otherworldly bubbling mudpools and steam vents of Námaskarð, and the legends behind Dimmuborgir’s black volcanic formations. – See more at:

A Circumnavigation of Iceland


Experience an enchanting land of geological extremes on a circumnavigation of Iceland. Encounter vast volcanic landscapes and the world’s youngest island, walk on lava fields and ice sheets, and feel the spray of gushing hot springs and cascading waterfalls. Go birding on the Arctic Circle, kayak into fjords and serene bays, and hike along magnificent and remote stretches of the coast. Cap off the adventure with a soak in the famous Blue Lagoon. – See more at:

Hiking the Grand Canyon


Set out on foot to discover the extraordinary beauty of Grand Canyon National Park. From the lush forests of the North Rim, hike along sinuous sandstone ribbons sculpted over millions of years. Explore the more arid terrain of the South Rim and witness the canyon’s shifting palette of red, orange, and gold. Then head to Havasu Canyon, a stunning oasis located just outside a remote section of the park, for a camping expedition. Hike through a red-rock labyrinth and feel the cool spray of waterfalls as they gush over travertine terraces. Swim in turquoise pools, delve into slot canyons, and sleep in tents beside a shaded creek. Explore the geological formations that make the Grand Canyon one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world. – See more at:

Ireland: Hiking the Emerald Isle


With its spectacular coastline and its endless swells of emerald hills scattered with ancient ruins, Ireland was made to be explored on foot. Hit the trails in four of Ireland’s most scenic spots: the Wicklow Mountains, the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, and the Aran Islands. Follow the Wicklow Way just south of Dublin to beautiful Glendalough, hiking along clear streams that cut through the fresh pine forest. Then travel to County Kerry and spend three days walking and cycling among Ireland’s highest mountains, Macgillycuddy’s Reeks. Trace the rocky shores of the Dingle Peninsula past fishing villages and age-old beehive huts, and end your adventure among the surreal limestone flats of the Aran Islands of Inishmore. Discover early Christian monasteries, enigmatic stone circles and Celtic forts, medieval manors, and Ireland’s lively culture along the way. – See more at:


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